Monday, April 16, 2012

Life is just too short for ironing - Kimono water Lily jar

As you can see by the tablecloth in this picture of my recent attempt at a water lily flower I dont iron. I dont iron on principle (and because life is just too short). In the 60s when we were all encouraged to burn our undies I thought that the ironing board and not the bra was the true symbol of womens enslavement to the home. The term Housewife implies marriage to the home doesnt it?
Anyway enough of that you will say (if you have any sense) :)
This flower uses the Donna Kato 'component caning' method where a picture is built up using small parts (one petal cane can create many different flowers).

Another view of the Kimono water Lily jar showing the leaves and the peacock cane background. There was a space when I applied the veneer as I hadnt intended it for a jar but had to use it quickly as it was drying out.

I filled the space with scrap clay and some end slices of a butterfly cane I made recently and used a few slices of the petal cane to create a blossom for the butterfly. The petal cane uses white and flourescent pink Premo clay and it really pops as you will see in the next post.

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Cara Jane said...

Beautiful jar! I;m with you on the ironing! Life is just too short.

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