Monday, April 16, 2012

Fish pond cuffs more pictures

Here are a couple of slightly better pics of the fish pond cuff bracelets using Pardo transparent clay. The first picture shows the cuff where the fish were stamped directly onto the aluminium cuff blank and just a thin layer of tranparent Pardo was used above them with slices of the metal leaf swirly cane added to the surface. The aluminium came through the ends of the cuff when I sanded it as the base layer of transparent was so thin (#6 on my Altas PM).

 This cuff is the one with thicker transparent clay mixed with a little green Premo and the ends of the cuffs have a heavier layer of flower cane slices as seen in the next picture.

The aluminium did not show through on this one. Somewhere between the 2 is the perfect cuff. :)

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