Monday, April 02, 2012

Cuff bracelets and Kimono veneers

At PPPII we had a cuff bracelet workshop with Melanie Muir. Thanks Melanie it was really great and I learned so much.
Here are a couple of examples of cuffs I have made since I learned the Melanie Muir technique incorporating more of my kimono veneers. The background to these is Pardo translucent clay. One cuff (the one on the right in the top pic) has translucent Pardo with a little green Premo mixed into it which makes the water above the fish seem milky green. The same cuff has a layer of Premo pearl clay beneath the fish.
The second cuff (on the left in the top pic) uses Pardo translucent alone and in a much thinner layer. The fish in this bracelet are stamped directly onto the aluminium cuff blank.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photographs, I only had a few minutes to take these and didnt have time to get out the studio lights and grown up camera equipment. The pic on the right shows the ends of the cuffs with the flower canes and slices of my Acer leaf cane. The cuffs have swapped position in this pic.
Alison thought the Acer cane wouldnt work because the leaves were not pointed enough but I like to think its in the true spirit of Impressionism (sloppy in other words). :)

I really like the translucent jelly roll canes with metal leaf in them that here form the surface ripples. They have a lot of uses for something so simple.


Cara Jane said...

Oh they are very pretty Wendy! I stil haven't opened my Pardo - hopefully this week I will get time.

Wendy Kay said...

Thanks Cara :)

Mel Muir said...

Well done, Wendy and I am so pleased you enjoyed my class and learned so much. Keep up the good work! Mel x

Wendy Kay said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Mel. I'm looking forward to your upcoming workshops in South London very much.

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