Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caribbean colours and sail shapes

Hi, I have been pretty busy 'bothering' the Polymer clay again and have been creating these sail and shield shapes. The one shown here became a pendant (kindly modelled by my friend Debbie) and is strung with Tigerstail threaded through some of the wonderful soft silicon tube I discovered recently

Here is a picture of all of the pieces together. There are 3 big hair slides, 7 pendants and 4 brooches.
In the background you can see the old fashioned but practical yellow flowery plastic table cover I use on my silver clay work bench.
I have come to really like the effect of pearl clay and now mix it with all my colours to give them a little mica sparkle. The pink/orange toned pieces shown here use tranparent clay too. (Premo Frost is my favourite and I think has the best transparency if you plunge it into ice cold water straight after curing). I sprinkled some fine glitter onto thin sheets of transparent clay that were then run through the pasta machine at #6 between sheets of baking parchment. I store these sheets in the parchment and carefully lift slices when needed with a tissue blade to lay glitter side down on my projects.

Here is a pic of the prototype brooch I made which has a slightly scorched section which looks dark grey/blue and really interesting. The additional slices glued on the surface were rescued from a piece that was too badly damaged to be of further use. Hello, I have finally discovered the reason for the extension ring on my Halogen oven.

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