Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Polymer clay hearts - less than half

Here is a picture of some of the polymer clay heart pins that I have made recently. This is less than half of the finished hearts as I was in a rush this morning and didnt have time to lay all 100 out for the photograph. I believe there will be a photographer around later in the week and I'll try to get a picture of all of them together then. Its been a struggle getting them all finished in 2 weeks and I'm glad its over for now and I hope we can sell at least a few to raise money for the Student Hardship Fund.

My other work has taken a back seat while heart production has been going on but I have managed to make a few more squares necklaces one of which is shown here. I'll be adding them to the shop soon.

PS. the round shape in the middle square was made with the cap of a Liquid Polymer Clay bottle, looks cool eh?

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