Monday, April 25, 2011

A sweet reminder

I have written 4 new posts today so please read the others too to see what I have been doing this weekend.
Since there are so many Forget-me-nots in the garden at present I thought I would try to make some I could keep all year round. I made a Forget-me-not cane and took slices from it to make these beads which are on silver wire loops and rectangular links. I think I might make round links to replace the rectangular ones but I  like the way this hangs. The colours are nice and fresh for Spring too.

Here is the Forget-me-not bracelet and my hand too (with polymer clay under the fingernails as usual). I am off now to make a few more things before the end of the long weekend. I only have a few hours of freedom left before returning to work tomorrow. But wait, its the Royal wedding next Friday and deferred May day the following Monday so only 3 days of work next week and then another 4 day weekend. I wonder what I'll be able to make next weekend?

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