Monday, April 25, 2011

My latest silver adventures

The garden at home is blooming and I took advantage of the weekend and made some new leaf moulds to use with silver clay. Here is a young fig leaf now frozen in time forever. I really like fig leaves, fig trees and especially figs. What wonderful trees. I am pleased with the way this pendant has turned out and it took a bit of luck to get the bale in the right place so that it would hang straight as one side of the leaf is heavier than the other because of the shape.

 This is the acorn bracelet to go with the rest of my acorn and oak collection The circular wooden thing the bracelet is resting on is part of an old ships rigging and was booty found on the seashore about 20 years ago. since then it has spent about 5 years being part of an artistic arrangement of shells and other flotsom on a bathroom shelf. Another 5 years in a fish tank with several goldfish (all sadly gone now), and the last 10 years in various locations in the garden. Its full of character and probably made of oak too. I love it.

This new necklace is one of two similar completed this weekend and made with tubes of silver suspended from a chain and filled with different colours of polymer clay. The tubes swivel to show other colours or patterns on the reverse sides and several different colour combinations can be created to suit what you are wearing or your mood. I like the idea of colour filled tubes and will be exploring this idea more in the near future. The suspended tubes are separated from each other on the chain by round silver beads.

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