Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Around London

I was born and live in London and I love the Thames, this city, and its rich history.
At the mouth of the Thames where the tidal river meets the sea the beaches and mud banks are scattered with small sherds of pottery and tumbled glass washed down river over time. Here is a necklace made with Lapis Lazuli beads and blocks, a few mother of pearl beads, Polymer clay, rock oyster shell fragments, and some of the pale aqua pieces of glass given up by the river. Its a necklace that a river nymph might wear. Since taking this photograph I have finished the necklace with a sterling silver hook and loop fastening. It is the first piece in my River Thames theme (although the Thames is brown with silt and not blue/grey when it is almost still at high tide it reflects the sky and has these colours).

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