Monday, February 14, 2011

Still here and 'making'

Hi, I am still here. Although I havent posted for nearly a month I am still busy making things.
Here are a few examples of polymer clay works. This first one I made last August. I bought some pearl red clay by mistake and wanted to use it up quickly. This is the result. A necklace with beads and pendant, a matching bracelet and earrings.
Probably Pat Butcher is the only one who could carry this off. Maybe the earrings arent big enough tho. :)

These 2 necklaces are more recent (last week in fact). My air filled pendant (at the bottom) collapsed slightly but still looks interesting I think.
I am using rubber cord 1.5 millimetres thick which is a bit thin and I think 2ml is the optimum size but havent managed to buy any yet. The good thing about rubber cord of this thickness is that it stretches so you can get the necklaces over your head really easily. It feels a bit like cheating when you first do it and definitely doesnt feel like putting on 'grown up' jewellery :). Its really quick when you are dashing out the door to go to work and dont want to be bothered with fiddly clasps etc.

Here are four pins that I made recently.
I had been looking at examples of early Bakelite jewellery and the 3 on the right are influenced by that. The one on the left I  made quite a while ago by impressing the clay with a rubber stamp, baking, then filling the recesses with gold clay. I have recently started trying to put a good finish on my polymer clay pieces by hand (The Dremel tool I was using gouged shallow dips all over the surface). I am using wet and dry sand paper in successively fine grits to achieve a better finish.

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