Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And a new piece of silver

I am able to stand up for long enough to fire again so here is a new pendant which is in the shape of a summer hat brim with flowers on it and reminds me of 'Ladies who lunch'. Anyone for a Pimms?

Since attending the Jewellery Business day at the London Jewellery School I have been inspired to start creating my first collection. I am in the planning stage but one of the themes will be based on Chinese Lantern pods and will be mixed silver and polymer clay. I'll post some rough sketches soon


Dizzy is said...

Hi Wendy,

I was on that course at LJS too and said I'd send you my blog but I couldn't make out your email address so I'm blog stalking you instead!

Love the pendant too!

Wendy Kay said...

Hi Dizzy,
Thanks for your comment. If you enable access to your profile in Blogger people will be able to follow the link to your blog (me too):)

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