Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy new year for octopuses

Hello again. I'ts been so long since I posted, sorry.
I promise to make up for it this month and post loads of pics of my experiments. Lets make a start then with the Octopus pendant .
I started by making an octopus our of some white polymer clay (I used Premo Sculpey) . After curing in the oven in the usual way I used 2 part moulding putty to make a mould (blue in the photograph) then rolled my silver clay into a snake and pushed it gently into the mould where I allowed it to dry naturally for a while before carefully removing and drying completely on the heating pad.

I drilled the hole for the snake chain through the octopuses head (no animals were harmed in the process) this helped to make the pendant a little lighter as the head was a solid lump before that.
The pendant hangs at an angle.

The reverse side has some small shells added after the clay was dry as the suface of the clay on the back side of the pendant suggested sand at the bottom of the sea.
Using polymer clay to create the initial model is useful as trying to model the octopus directly in silver clay was difficult even after adding glycerine to the silver clay it dried out too quickly and it was hard to get smooth thin tentacles.

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