Thursday, November 25, 2010

More pics of early silver pieces

Here are 2 convex pendants made with silver clay. The one on the left was an early try at Keum-boo technique (adding gold foil to the surface of fired silver) which didnt work very well. I overheated it and the gold sank into the surface of the silver with barely a trace. Oh well I'll put that one down to experience. I have mastered the technique since then and will post some pics of more successful pieces  soon.

The pendant on the right I love. It looks like raindrops on water and it now belongs to SusieGB (she even made herself some matching earrings)

Here are 2 x Tree of Life silver wire wound pendants. The one on the left has amethyst beads and the one on the right has cultured freshwater pearls.

Here is another TOL pendant made for someone very special.

1 comment:

susiegb said...

Hey - I thought I recognised that! Loving it (the pendant)! Think I'll wear it to a big fund-raiser do at Amaroo this Saturday evening ... :)

susie xx

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