Friday, November 26, 2010

More 'catching up' pictures

Here are a couple of pendants made with silver clay  (I usually use Art Clay Silver 650 but sometimes 'slow dry' depending on what's in stock). I really like the 'fish scales' texture and used the pearl motive again here. It looks a bit like a purse but that wasn't the intention. The second pendant (on right) was a test of my homemade silver oil paste. I used the paste to join a Stirling silver tube bead (purchased from Rashbel's) as a bale and it worked well. I used a 'Paisley' texture plate for the second pendant.

These silver 'heavy beads' (I don't know what everyone else calls them do you?) were made in two parts and joined in the dry clay stage using paste from the syringe and silver clay slip. The holes located at roughly 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions go right through the bead and the bead moves freely on the chain. They are on 16" chains so the bead sits snugly in the neckline. I like the moon face on the right, it makes me smile.

Here are three pendants with a music theme. I enjoyed making the treble clefs after I had mastered making clay 'snakes' it worked like a dream. I tried to make some smaller ones to use as earrings but there is a definite limit to how thin you can get the clay 'snake' before it dries out and falls to pieces. I must try adding some glycerin to silver clay and see if that makes it possible to make smaller coils. All three pendants have fire able CZ stones added in the clay stage and fired along with the clay. Its cool to watch as they glow really bright red during firing and then go back to their original colour as they cool down.

OK we are getting near the end of the silver clay pictures and next I'll post pictures of the successful Keum-Boo pieces and then start posting pictures from my experiments with Copper clay. At this rate we'll soon be up to date and I can post pictures of the things I am working on as I do them.

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