Thursday, November 18, 2010

More early pieces

Purple plum pendant
Dichroic glass cabochon fired into silver pendant. (Collection of Mrs P.Clark). I made this during the 5 evenings Intermediate Silver clay class I took at LJS recently.  I am pleased with how it turned out as the glass looks very 'plummy' nestled amongst the leaves.
I was told that Dichroic glass can only be fired in a kiln (hmmm... I must test this to see if its true) because the thermal shock of torch firing may cause the glass to shatter.
Where are my safety goggles? I lurv to experiment :)

'Pearls of the silver sea'
pendant and earrings
I made these earrings during the Beginners Silver Clay class (See class details here) and later made the pendant to go with them at home. I put the hole in the wrong place when I made the pendant so the triangle is the opposite way up to the earrings. I think it works quite well that way with the addition of the silver 'pearls'. I made another pendant the right way up but I prefer this set together.

 Leaf and Paisley pendants
In late Summer I collected a few remaining small leaves from the garden. I made molds from them using Polymer clay and baked the molds in the oven. I chose this leaf mold (I cant remember which plant it came from) and filled it with silver clay. In the dry stage I had to sand the edges of the leaf as they would have been as sharp as a saw's teeth after firing. The small pendant has a texture applied from a commercially bought 'Paisley' texture sheet but after burnishing with a steel burnishing tool it looks pretty good.

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susiegb said...

Very nice! I particularly like the leaf, and the purple one! What are you working on now Wendy? :)

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