Monday, November 29, 2010

Keum Boo and more silver

Here is a picture of the first 2 successful Keum-Boo pieces that I have managed to make. Apologies for the lack of quality in these photos I took them using my Daylight lamp as it's pretty cold and dark in the UK now and I don't see much of the daylight (poor thing :[ ). You should be able to make out the gold on the surface which I managed to make stick finally. The secret seems to be having the pieces hot enough but not too hot or the 24k gold sinks away into the silver.

I am pleased with how these pendants turned out. They are hollow and made by rolling the clay onto a texture plate and then wrapping it around a form (in this case a satay stick and a piece of brass tube) to dry. A hole was then drilled through the resulting tubes from side to side.

 On the right is a pendant I made during the silver clay stone setting class. My first attempt at making a bale that is part of the pendant and also in the fiddly job of getting the bezel wire to sit in the clay at the right depth and at the right angle. I wear this one with 2 textured silver tube beads which give the necklace a nice weight. The stone is one of those sometimes called 'Sandstone'. I don't know what it is but think it may be made in Venice of copper filings in glass and not a real stone at all. It looks quite pretty tho and I have made a ring to match.

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