Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year and cuffs

Hi, happy new year. I thought I had better start the year as I mean to carry on and here is the first of the many and more frequent new posts I have resolved to make in 2013. 

I have been busy over the Christmas break sorting out my work space and making a piece for a competition (more about this later). Penny at Clayaround kindly mentioned my polymer clay transparent work in her newsletter so I thought I would post a quick pic showing one of my more recent cuffs using the Pardo transparent clay.
Its the one in the center of this picture. I used 2 layers of Pardo transparent and included peel off stickers, embossing powders and cane slices to give the illusion of depth and sparking air to this dragon fly cuff.

Here is a closer picture. There is an air bubble on the surface of the round flower cane slice but I have since worked out a way to avoid getting those. 
Do you like the flower cane cuffs on the right of the picture? I like the way the petals of the golden flowers look separate because the background is so dark.

I'm trying to raise money for my favourite charity The Food for People campaign so if anyone is interested in having a pdf tutorial showing everything I have discovered about using Pardo transparent and with step by step instructions on how to complete a new transparent clay project, I'll be putting one up for sale on my shop site soon and will be charging the modest sum of £2. Any proceeds will go to support Food for People . Watch this space for the link or subscribe to my blog. 

Peace is possible in 2013


Lottie said...

Fabulous bracelets - I keep a look out in your shop for the pdf

Wendy Kay said...

Thanks Lottie,
Mel Muir is to blame for the sheer volume of cuff bangles I have produced over the past 9 months. I did a wonderful class with her and I can recommend it. My 'translucent' project will be something new and different.

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