Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Faux wood and Marquetry in Polymer clay

This is my first attempt at Faux wood. I used Premo gold clay with a little pale yellow for the lighter coloured wood and mixed some other colours in to simulate other woods. I used gold and a little bit of green darkened with blue for the Olive wood and for the more orange colour a little Flourescent red (just what I had scraps of on my table at the time). It was quite hard getting straight edges on the marquetry sections (as you can probably tell from the photo) but I will make thicker sheets next time and even put them in the freezer for a few minutes so they are easier to cut and patch together.  The grain of the wood is achieved by twisting each log of separate coloured wood/clay until the mica shifts into faint stripes which can be seen when the clay is rolled flat in the direction that you twisted. This necklace is strung on some of the beautiful olive silicon rubber tubing that I get from France. I have a few more experiments to do with Faux wood. Watch this space. 

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