Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year revolutions

Hi Happy New Year.
On the right is a picture of a necklace that I made from red and black Premo with a surface layer of the wonderful red variegated metal leaf available from Tiranti in Warren Street London. The surface was then scored by rolling a wood screw over in one direction and then again at right angles to the first cut. This technique can be seen in more detail in the Christmas issue of Making Jewellery magazine. I also have a cool project in the January Issue so rush out and buy it right now. :)

Over the Christmas break I have been working on a new theme for my polymer (and silver) pieces inspired by some of the original drawings for Metropolis, the film by Fritz Lang (hence the revolution in this post's title). New pictures will be seen here soon. I am also working on some tutorials (we all love free tutes right?) to post here so please come back soon.

Deep breaths as we ease into 2012. Be inspired W

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