Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watercolour squares, my take on it

Hi, take a look a this necklace. I really like it.
The polymer clay squares are double sided and have a slightly different colour palette on the reverse so its versatile. I strung it with Tibetan silver beads (what does that mean by the way?) and some amethyst beads I had in store. I need to get some thinner bead mandrels. I used bamboo skewers and they were a bit too thick and distorted the squares slightly at the edges of the holes.
I cant remember where I saw the free tutorial for the Watercolour technique but printed it out so will add a link to the site of the kind person who shared their knowledge when I have found it.

Here it is

Also check out the Stroppel cane if you havent already. It's a lot of fun and can give you surprising results.

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