Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking it easy and pins

Hi, I have been 'taking it easy' for a little while but managed to make some brooches out of silver clay. In the picture there are 2 Blackberry brooches, 1 grape vine brooch and a lizard 'fragment' brooch. The Grape vine has a bunch of grapes made from Amethyst beads. The Blackberry brooches each have three Blackberries 2 made from Garnet beads and 1 from silvery Hematite beads. They look really 'fruity' when the light shines through the garnets and you can see the deep red colour of the ripe fruit. The lizard brooch has been oxidised slightly with Liver of Sulphur but the other brooches have escaped the smelly stuff so far. I made a Fig leaf brooch for a friend and that started me off. I have also been making Polymer clay heart pins, pics later.

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