Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going round in circles

Hi, I have been making circle beads like half lentil beads with a flat back. I made a form to cure them on but the form isnt perfectly round so my circles are a bit 'rustic' but I like them anyway. I have since found out a trick for making perfectly round lentils and that is to use the underside of an Escorgot plate which has dips in the top to stop the slippery customers from whizzing off of your plate and all around the restaurant. Now I
only need to find a shop that sells escorgot plates and I'll be cooking with gas. :)

Here is a similar necklace but with 3 round beads. These pics were taken in the garden at midday. As you can see the sun is still quite low in the sky. Spring is on the way tho and the birds are noisily going about their business. We have seen a pair of Ring Necked Parakeets in the garden lately they have managed to get food from the bird feeder and are a colourful addition to the native birds.

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