Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whats on my bench today - Tuesday 14 August 2013?

Hi Blogosphere, long time no see.
Here is what is sitting on my bench today needing action of some sort this week
Tuesday 14 August 2013

12 oclock
Fine silver Celtic knot with entwined snake and moonstone drop pendant (ready to go off to be hallmarked) I was thinking about the Druids when I designed this.

1 oclock
Malachite drop with fine silver snake forming the bail (waiting for hallmark)

2 oclock
Ocean Jasper drop with pinned wave texture fine silver cap and bail (waiting for hallmark)

3 oclock
Sea glass (from the Thames estuary) with fine silver mount and bail in the form of Old London Bridge (waiting for hallmark)

4 oclock
Sterling silver artist's palette with polymer clay filled silver tube paint pots and silver wire brushes (waitng for hallmark)

5 and 6 oclock
Titanium coated Druzy stone pendants with silver wire filigree and vines and repousse formed sterling silver leaves. Finished yesterday (waiting for hallmark)

7 oclock
Mokune Gane technique polymer clay pendant with tropical leaves pattern. Several of these need finishing.

8 oclock
3 new (new to me but between 50 and 33.9 Million years old) fossil shark teeth waiting for silver mounts (these are from the shark's upper jaw as they look more like knives than fork tines). Looking forward to getting these done, should look pretty cool.

9 oclock
Flat polymer clay black and white heart pin. Pattern made with the metal core of a round hair brush. They need a coat of Renaissance wax.

10 oclock
2 pieces of copper one with silver embedded in the surface shortly to be incorporated into Anglo Saxon style jewellery pieces (coming soon for winter 2013)

11 oclock
Fine silver fused granulation disc style pendant. Inspired by a trip to the British Museum to see pieces from Anglo Saxon England. Use this as a starting point for further sketches

In the center is a sterling silver Viking knit chain. I enjoy making these and will make more to go with my pieces instead of buying commercially made chains. 
Note to self. Start one today and carry it around with you to work on in rare moments of not-much-going-on.

As you can see, I dont have time to get bored :)

best wishes

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